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of them. bay area vendor. . it's the biggest bust of illegal shark fins since they were banned in california. more than a ton of them confiscated from a bay area vendor. >> the soup is still easy to get despite the ban on it. >> reporter: until recently fish and wildlife inspectors say shark fin soup was being illegally sold at thisrestrant. they are telling me they tracked down the sell frer this restaurant and that's when they found a much bigger haul than they could have imagined. investigators say the bust was their biggest yet. 2,138 pounds of shark fins carted off in boxes from this san fransisco warehouse on howard street. the guy who owns the warehouse, michael kwong, a big voice in the pro shark fin soup movement. he was not there when we stopped
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by today but shark advocates say kwong knew better. >> i think he's aware of the law. >> reporter: the law fines anyone selling the soup $1,000. kwong was not been arrested but it's clear he was breaking the law in a big way. >> that's a lot of money in shark fins. and he was trying to sell them to somebody, i imagine. >> reporter: investigators say one of the restaurants he was selling to was this one, hong kong east ocean seafood in emeryville. customers we talked to couldn't believe it. >> i'm sure they have their reasons to sell their stock but it's illegal and they probably should find a better way to get rid of their supply. >> as far as ordering it from the restaurant, we don't order that kind of soup. >> reporter: francis stow brought his wife here for valentine's day dinner. he says there's no excuse for the restaurant to break the law. >> it's supposed to be be illegal and they should not they shouldn't be doing it. >> i think this sends a message
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that restaurants shouldn't sell shark fin soup or they'll experience a hefty fine themselves. >> reporter: i did speak to an employee here at this restaurant tonight. they admitted they had been cited but they say this is a mistake. they hope the judge will throw it out. they were telling me they were selling soup with shark fin bone which they say is completely legal. . >> some of the shark fins were being sold for about $200 a pound. new tonight, a water tower near the augusta golf course in georgia struck a leak after an earthquake. it was centered across the border in south carolina. this is the only major damage we've heard of so far. here in the bay area, part of our holiday weekend may be a little soggy. we have the rain coming. >> we could use every drop. this drought situation got better, the rest of us are in an
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extreme drought or an exceptional drought. so any rain is welcome rain even over a holiday weekend. radar shows all that rainfall, 2 inches fell in far northern california but it's far away from us. when it makes it here, there is a front on the way, and will impact your plans tomorrow evening. we're rolling futurecast throughout the day, stopping the clock at 9:00 tomorrow night, that's when the rain leaves the north bay and moves into the east bay over the city of san fransisco, the peninsula, san mato county. we'll talk about if there are other storms behind this one coming up in a few minutes. president obama visited the central valley today and sow firsthand how crippling this drought can be. >> california is our biggest economy and biggest agricultural producer.
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what happens here matters to everyone working american right down to the cost of the food you put on your table. >> the president pledged millions of dollars in federal disaster aid. 100 million toward livestock and 10 million toward food stock. it will help communities that could run out of water. there are bay area farmers who will benefit from this. we found one who needs the money and more rain. . >> officer-involved shooting a norm if it was a normal season you couldn't come up this road. >> reporter: she's losing sleep. >> we should be green and a foot tall and not worried about where their next meal is coming from. >> reporter: for now it comes from the back of a pick-up. she started our own meals on wheels program, 1400 pound alfalfa bails that cost $300 each from oregon, are hauled out
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to the cattle. >> i can't afford to keep feeding these cattle. i will have to get out of the cattle business otherwise. i can't continue to do t i can't afford to. >> reporter: so what she is doing is sell off her stock so there will be fewer mouths to feed. >> we figure we can get through may and then that's it. if we don't get the hay in the fields to feed these cattle that's when we'll decide to go out of the cattle business. >> reporter: she will be applying for a piece of the $100 million in drought disaster relief the president promised today. there is one more economic benefit, they are getting top dollar because of the drought prices for beef is high. . agriculture accounts for almost $45 billion in business annually in california. police say he ran a so-called revenge porn website in california. tonight the oklahoma man is
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behind bars. attorney general harris announced the arrest this afternoon. casey miring is accused of posting more than 400 sexually explicit photos of victims and demanding $250 a piece for those photos to be removed. >> one of the most outrageous cases that is in this charge is a victim who was sending photographs to her husband who was serving our country in the military overseas. and these photographs were taken obviously without her permission and at a great deal of embarrassment to her and her husband. >> miring faces five felony counts of extortion. he's waiting extradition back to california. new tonight, entire neighborhood in redding has been evacuated. more than 60 families because a mobile home is packed with
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explosives andrea borba takes us up i-5 where the clock is ticking. >> reporter: the warning signs start two miles away. this isn't a drill. this is the reality of 60 pounds of volatile explosives and the mobile home they're inside that authorities say must be incinerated. >> where an immediate danger exists in the contents of the home. >> reporter: on february 6th, this man, deray east blew his hand off and nearly lost an eye when there was an explosion in his home while he was making model rockets. when sheriff's deputies arrived they called the bomb squad who called the f.b.i. and realized this wasn't just a little explosion, it was a potentially catastrophic problem for the homes west of redding. >> the chemicals and explosives known and unknown are unstable. >> reporter: and now the waiting game for the fog and inversion layer to clear so the home can be burned down because the explosives are too sensitive to
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move even for a bomb robot. for the next several days this is the end of the road on chapral drive. everybody has been told they must evacuate within a two mile radius. the folks who live there were told to take five days' worth of clothes, medication and wait. >> toys for the kids, jewelry, paperwork. >> reporter: some are standing their ground defiant in the face of danger. >> i'm not leaving, no. i don't agree with what they're doing. >> reporter: tonight deputies, engineers and firefighters briefed evacuees while two dots on maps potential explosive
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zones. a bit of shock for neighbors in san fransisco's haight ashbury when a large tree toppled over. this is near kohl. one man had gone to a yoga class and returned to find his car damaged. >> i came out and i saw this. i am 'm not sure what happened. >> luckily he has insurance. banks and legal marijuana sellers can now do business. included is a list of regular flags, determining whether they're violating federal law. handling money from marijuana sales would put banks at risk ever racketeering charges. only colorado and washington state have legalized recreational marijuana. questions tonight about whether a private security guard hired by an oakland neighborhood
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crossed the line when he shot a burglary suspect. the neighbors shelled out money for the guard but the fact he was carrying that gun wasn't in the deal. the contract said no guns. some called the security guard a hero; others say he went too far. >> i don't believe that anybody needs to lose their life over a burglary. >> good job by the guard because that's the only deterrent that criminals are going to understand. >> now police say the burglary suspect was shot in the leg when he turned and threatened the guard with that screwdriver while being chased. they say the guard had the right to shoot in self-defense. he's known as an upstanding member of the san jose fire department but tonight a firefighter is facing drug charges and charges ever having sex with underage boys. bettie yu is in san jose where fellow firefighters are in shock over these allegations. >> reporter: that's right, ken. mario cuestas worked in the
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department's administrative building behind me. he was training to become an outreach officer. in that role he would have worked with kids in this community, one that is now disappointed, shocked, and upset. >> how many is there? >> 18. >> reporter: for years mario cuestas wore his badge and uniform with pride. in 2011 he talked about why he wanted to be a firefighter on an lgtb public access cable show. >> the opportunity for personal sacksation in making a difference and the job i was working before was working for numbers and working for quotes and stats and it wasn't fulfilling until the opportunity came by this is what i want to do. >>. >> reporter: cuestas is behind bars facing drugs and underage sex crime charges and without the support of his brothers. he talked about how quickly they accepted him when he came out as gay and how it strengthened the department's bond. >> for that we are i think very
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hurt as an organization that anyone in our organization would, would participate in something like that. it's frankly shocking and very disappointing. i would say that personally i'm probably settled in mostly at angry. >> reporter: cuestas was a leader in the department and in the community. he work and sang at a parish in san jose. >> a great voice, he gets people excited about the music, i mean he's always been -- he seems like a very mellow fellow. >> reporter: cuestas cleared federal background checks before he started work in 2012. >> not right now. the family is pretty upset. there's no comment. >> reporter: we went by his home where he lives with his parents. yesterday investigators searched his home and office for evidence. >> goes against everything we stand for as firefighters. >> reporter: cuestas is being
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held without bail at a sainta clara county jail tonight. he is due in court on tuesday. betty yui cbs 5. >> gas prices expected to go up but find out how and when california drivers could get a break. have a feeling your sweet heart is up to no good? how private eyes are checking up on suspected cheaters on this valentine's day. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the state board of equaliza is consi gas . california drivers may actually get a break at the pump this summer. the state board of equalization is considering cutting the gas excise tax. it would drop about 3.5 cents per gallon starting july 1st. every little bit helps. the board had vote on the cut later this month. one last practice before the chinese new year's parade in san fransisco. the west portal school in part of the parade for the last 25 years. parents volunteer their time to help with the students' dance routines. >> really brings together our community. the people of san fransisco, and
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it's -- those sorts of values that we want our kids to leave with that they understand what it means to be part of the chinese american community and be members of san fransisco. >> we want to see your photos of tomorrow's chinese new year's parade. go to our website and scroll to the bottom to upload your pictures. robert ron jones hung out with an investigator who is searching for cheaters. >> the technology is unbelievable. >> reporter: common cupid shooting arrows into cheaters. this time from the comfort of his office computer. >> we can track people legally. >> reporter: helping jilted lovers get answer. >> usually it's a spouse. >> reporter: he does it by secretly by placing a gps on or
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in an unsuspecting person 's car. it's pinpoint accuracy. >> exact time of where the low the vehicle is at any time. >> it's accompanied by a dvd we produce. >> reporter: we want to get answers on how legal it is. for married couples with joint vehicle registration it is okay. he wouldn't place the device while we recorded but it's pretty small. so you'll never know where you'll find this cheater tracker. maybe under here or back here. or maybe even inside here. is that too sneaky? >> if you have to do something like that to find out what your loved one is doing, that's not a good relationship. >> trust is pretty much everything in a relationship. >> saves time and money. >> reporter: but suspicious lovers are signing up. >> it's kind of like fishing. you go fishing you want to catch fish. >> every valentine's day people from all over san fransisco
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shower each other with not love exactly. but with feathers. about a thousand people showed up to justin hermann plaza for this massive pillow fight. the turnout gets bigger each yore. our own meteorologist milano -- back up, dude. he gets attacked while on the air. but he does what all weather men due, stand and face with a pillow. >> face your opponent head on with a pillow. >> weathermen don't back down. >> no. >> and commit. >>. >> the weatherman does not stop or quit. always, relentlessly in the search of rainfall. >> you got it. >> sounded better than it actually is. here is what we have going on on a friday night. valentine's day's day, happy valentine's day's do you. president's day on monday. so much -- to you. president's day on monday. so much going on.
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livermore upper 50s, oakland, santa rosa, san fransisco at 56, concord 54 degrees. tonight staying around 50 degrees. santa rosa 48. sunrise before 7:00. there's the rain. not here yet. it will take several more hours but it makes it here. it will be here tomorrow evening. thousands of you heading to the chinese new year's parade. bring the umbrella, even if it is not raining at the start of the parade, it will be raining by the end of the parade. carry the umbrella with you to the parade. active storm track. we have missed out on half a foot of rainfall this week because it's been kicked up to the north. the storm track will dip to the south, coming up tomorrow we'll get rainfall. it will last six hours. about 1/10 of the amount of rainfall we had over the last weekend. so wet weather will briefly return then the jet stream heads up in the other direction.
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we could use a lot of rabe fall. this time of year we average 1 inches per week, the only rain we get for the entire week is tomorrow. cloudy, drizzle at the coast. that dry weather is back on sunday and dry for president's day. high's tomorrow, cooler, cloudier with the rain moving in. san jose one degree above average and 64. fremont your high is 63. showers in the evening for pitsburg. showers in the evening. first up for the showers, lake port, ukiah, mid-50s tomorrow. dry on sunday and dry and sunny on monday. tinily chance for showers on tuesday -- tiny chance for showers on tuesday. this will not be that much rain. at least it's something. >> grateful for anything. >> we'll take it. >> thanks, paul. coming up, team usa makes a
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wardrobe change. why they're dumping these high tech suits right in the middle of competition. ,,,, ♪ they lived. ♪ they lived. ♪ they lived. ♪ (dad) we lived...
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thanks to our subaru. ♪ (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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and there's surrounding team u-s . live look in sochi, russia, where the olympics are entering their second week. there is a drama surrounding team usa and a sport it used to collect medals in. the speed skating team is ditching the suits that has been touted as the fastest in the world. >> some of these skaters have complained the suits are created
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drag slowing them down. they've received permission to go back to their old suits. guess who is seth curry's biggest fans. it comes from the top! it's nba all-star weekend, folks, from new orleans. ,,,,,,,,,,
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or tim hardaway used . nba warriors guard seth curry will start in sunday's all-star game mainly because his former warrior used to say he's got skills. tonight, curry got the biggest praise yet. >> he's the best shooter i've ever seen. i believe that. in terms of being able to, you know, off the dribble, get his
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shot off from anywhere that fast, best i've ever seen. he can shoot. his daddy could shoot, but he could only stay in one spot and shoot, right? >> president obama, how about that? meanwhile airson barns is the all-star festivities in the rising stars challenge. barns shot to the corner his team wins. the cardinals, they tore them apart. stanford wins 61-35. it was the first game since stanford was upset by washington. oh, and i just beat the buzzer. i should have taken a shot. >> good, you made it. [ laughter ]. >> you're a good shooter.
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>> absolutely. >> nice lefthanded jumper. >> that was an interesting interview. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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